Frequently Asked Questions

You want to make a wise investment for your church…so we want to help answer any questions you have. You can watch the Live Question and Answer Session that we did on Facebook or you can read the answers below. For each question you will see the corresponding time in the video where we talk about that question. If you have questions that are not answered below please add those to the comments below.

1.    Marketing feels very “business-like”. Should a church really be thinking about marketing? [-49:30]

We believe church is about the greatest “business” on the planet and our mission to reach spiritually lost people is the greatest thing in the world to market. Many churches are already using marketing tools such as Facebook, a website, email, etc., however, they may not be using these things effectively.

It is important to look at the definition of marketing. Marketing is not a gimmick, but rather communicating who God is, and who we are as the church, to people where they are at. As we seek to reach our culture, it is important we use the tools they are now using. Enroll In CMU

2.    Does signing up for Church Marketing University as a church allow anyone in the church to utilize it? [-46:50] Will you be able to share one account or add more under your account? [-2:20]

Yes. Each church will be provided with one login that may be shared with those you designate in your church.

Church Marketing University has a large amount of content and we encourage you to invite board members, lay leaders, etc. to work through the content to help your church grow. The goal as the modules are worked through is to help people understand the different elements – social media, website, branding, etc. – the right way.

As you build your key team to work through these modules, we encourage you to consider those who may have certain gifts in the different module topics and view the content as a way of investing in them to have the tools for life.

3.    Would you consider offering individual modules if one cannot afford for the complete training? [-44:58]

We believe churches are best served if they work through every single module, so we currently do not offer individual courses. We want you to develop the entire system that will work for your church and this is best done by working through all 16 modules for your church.

4.    Does Church Marketing University offer a forum for asking questions? [-42:56]

In Church Marketing University, there is a 17th Q&A module dedicated to place your questions and receive feedback. Also, there is a comments section in each module that serves as an area to “raise your hand” and ask questions specific to the module.

5.    I am very busy and cannot dedicate time to go through the modules until later. Can I go through Church Marketing University at my own pace? [-40:12]

Church Marketing University is on-demand and allows you to go at your own pace based on your schedule.

Our recommendation is to delegate as many of the modules as possible on the front end to key team members. For example, if you have a staff member or lay leader who helps send out emails, have them work through the email module.

For some Lead Pastors, it may be helpful to establish a point person to work through the modules and report back to you highlights of the modules and information on which modules would be helpful for you to work through.

Also, while there is no set schedule for completing the modules, there will be a cohort group moving through the content together during this launch, so we do expect there will be interaction with one another.

6.    How long do I have to work through the materials? Is access only available for a limited time? [-38:11]

At this time, we are offering 2-year access for all modules. This may change down the road.

Church Marketing University is video coaching and allows you to move at your own pace. You are able to modify your interaction based on your learning style. Some churches may work through the content in 4-6 months; however, some will find it is about 12 months to methodically work through the modules.

As you begin to work through the content, you will find there is some “low-hanging fruit” to take immediate action on. Other modules will require more time investment.

With the 2-year access, you will be granted free access to any new videos added to the modules as social media, Google, etc. make updates and changes to their offerings.

7.    Are there specific descriptions of each class available? [-35:05]

On the Church Marketing University homepage, there is a video available with more in-depth information on the resource itself.

Under the video, each module is visible with an explanation of what they cover. Some modules offer free previews to see the content they contain. Some modules offer free previews where you can see what is in it. Most modules will average 8-10 videos of content including guest lectures.

8.    What templates are available for download and what is the Marketing Matrix? [-31:50]

There are downloads made available in each module. These downloads are things that we have developed along the way, and we provide for you full access to utilize them. This includes design files for things such as direct mailers, door hangers, postcards, etc. We provide as much as we can to you for you to put your logo, brand, etc. on to share. Also, if there are resources that you would like, let us know and we will work to find the template to provide for you. Our hope is to provide content to you that can be built out to save you as much time as possible.

The Marketing Matrix is our tool that we developed to help show all the different ways you can communicate to your community and church. This Excel file helps you think through all the various avenues to communicate and help build out a plan to establish a clear big picture on how your church can synergize, connect the dots, and help things not slip through the cracks.

9.    Is this a one-time fee or annual? What language should we use to convince this is a worth the investment [-26:13], and are there any payment plans? [-6:42]

There are presently three payment options – a one-time payment, a 3-month payment plan, and a 12-month payment plan. For more information on pricing, visit

The pricing structure is designed to fit within the cash flow of the church. We view this as an investment of the church and we designed the program so you can move forward very quickly with your initial investment.

We have had many years of working with church budgets. When developing church budgets, a common tactic is to look at the per-capita revenue per church member. For most churches, regardless of size, each person’s per-capita revenue is $2000 annually. Even if we look at the low end – $1000 annually, it is clear to see if the investment in Church Marketing University results in gaining one new person to the church, you are already ahead.

It is recommended most businesses spend 3-10% of their annual budget on marketing. We found through our Church Marketing Strength Assessment that declining churches are not spending anything on marketing. On the other hand, churches that are doing well spend money on marketing – and they have money because they are growing. You have to spend money for growth to happen. Make the investment and you will be amazed at what the Lord can do.

10.    Are the Church Marketing University courses accredited? [-20:04]

At this time, no. We would like to get there at some point and are looking at some options down the road.

11.    Does Church Marketing University cover what to do after a first-time guest arrives? [-18:47]

Yes. We have an entire module dedicated to the guest experience. We take you from how to get people to your church, how to make sure they have a great experience once they attend, and how to get them to come back.

We understand you have great marketing, yet if the visitor has an awful experience, it is not the best for you. We teach you how you create wow moments, best practices in hospitality, how to encourage people to fill out your connect cards, and how to follow-up with visitors so they come back.

12.    Do we have access to the downloads immediately? [-16:05]

Yes, the downloads are immediately available.

Some of the more advanced modules will open up as you go along. The courses build on one another, and we structured the courses in such a way so as to not “throw you in the deep end at once.”

13.    How many of the modules are ideas that will call on you to spend money in the area or how many modules have ideas that can be implemented without additional cost? [-14:48]

Most modules cover elements you can do that will not cost you money. It is important you do not get bogged down with the thinking that this isn’t happening because you don’t have money. Some modules will cost you in terms of leadership and time investment. Others will include some elements where you will want to invest money, and we tell you how to do it so you won’t waste money. We cover the whole spectrum, and there are many things you can do for little to no money.

14.    I have noticed there are churches that pour thousands of dollars in missions, yet are hesitant to invest money in reaching souls at home. What are your thoughts? [-10:38]

Investing in missions is critically important. Yet, there are also people right outside your door where investing in them can make all the difference for them.

We encourage you to think of this as a digital missions trip to invest in the people of your city and the culture. When you do this, you will see people come to your church, and come to know Christ. We hear stories all the time of how the Lord works through things like door hangers, direct mailers, a random website search, etc. Our heart is to use any tool God will give us, and take advantage of it to see people come to know Him. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive in reaching people. The people of the church and community will respond.

15.    We need to speak with our board to secure funding or we cannot afford the investment at this time. Is there anything we can do to help make this happen? [-7:18]

If you have questions or concerns, please make contact with Dick Hardy personally ( and we will do everything we can for those who want to do the hard work to help them out.

16.    Are the videos on-demand by video or online events? [-5:24]

All videos are on-demand. There may be online events, such as Facebook live, as a bonus as part of the modules, but the bulk of the courses are on-demand.

17.    What is the timeline? [-4:23]

Enrollment is open through Thursday, September 1st, at midnight then it closes. At this time, we are unsure of when the next enrollment period will be.