Is CMU Worth The Investment?

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This video helps your team see why Church Marketing University is worth the investment. Download video file.
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Message For Board Members

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This video explains Church Marketing University to church board members. Download video file.
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Message For Lead Pastors

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This video helps lead pastors understand how to share about Church Marketing University to their church board and finance committees. Download video file.
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Message For Staff Members & Volunteers

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This video helps staff members and volunteers share about Church Marketing University to their leadership. Download video file.
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What You Get During Open Enrollment

  • 67% off the enrollment price
  • 2 years access to all 30 courses
  • Access to any of the new courses we launch in the next 2 years
  • Access for your entire team (staff, volunteers, interns, board members)
  • The Generosity Module bonus (This alone will pay for your enrollment.)
  • All 80 downloadable resources and templates
  • Access to Church Audio University


Ryan Visconti – Generation Church

It is worth 10,000x what it costs. I have no stake in it, just a happy customer.

Chris Myers – Summit Park Church

To all my communications/marketing friends out there in the church world, I can’t recommend Social Church and Church Marketing University enough. If you’re wanting to go to the next level in your marketing then sign up for CMU. Great Investment!

Ryan Keller – Church on A Mission

We listened to the advice Ryan Wakefield is giving and saw tremendous results at our one year celebration and the week after! We had the most Reach we have ever had from a FB ad, which resulted in some of our members friends showing up, random people messaging the church, and 20 new people in the last 2 weeks when we have really only seen maybe 5 new people a month beforehand. CMU is so worth looking into! It’s full of GOLD!!

John White –  FAM Church

And while I have your ear let me tell you that this program has been a Godsend. It has revolutionized our church. I tell everyone about it. It has helped us so much. We are not where we need to be but we are at least moving in the right direction. We are up over 300 hundred now and continuing to grow. There is no way our old systems could have handled the increase. Thank God you guys came along. I’ve got nothing but mad respect for you guys. Keep up the outstanding work.

Chad E. Graham – Highlands Ranch Assembly

It has been fun learning about SEO optimization and crafting a “digital location” over at Church Marketing University. Ryan Wakefield has created some very accessible video tutorials on how to do this for your church. If you are involved with church marketing as a pastor – or a volunteer – this resource can really help maximize the reach of your church.

Pat Alvey – Friendly Baptist Church

I’m so glad I found CMU. Incredible value.

Up 7% over last year. Great service.

28% growth in last 18 months.

Having a good time.

Thx for CMU

Nika & Alban Corbett – 3DP Media Group

Thanks for reaching out.  So many wonderful things to be said about CMU.  I still have so much content to review and refresh on, which is to say that this program offers more than enough information and resources to develop a strong overall church presence.  I appreciate that the content shared is relevant and current to the trends.  I do social media marketing for churches, so all the social media learning were things I was able to implement immediately.

I am a true fan of your course and what you are doing for those who have taken full advantage.  Feel free to let me know if I can ever be of support to continue to get the word out about this great opportunity.

Stephen Caddell –  Live The Life Church

As you know we are gearing up for Easter like everyone else of course and that has been our focus for several months. We just finished a Convoy of Hope event here in San Antonio and that was phenomenal. Over 7,000 people attended the all community event and over 2,000 volunteers served San Antonio’s most underserved.

I am looking at some numbers from last year and realizing that we are averaging over 150 more people in service than last year at this time. And I have to attribute that to the modules we have implemented from CMU. We haven’t fully maximized everything as of yet but the results so far are undeniable.

Thank you for this powerful tool we have to build and grow our churches. Only God knows where we will be this time next year and of course we will be continuing to follow CMU as you push out new and relevant tools for all churches to study and use. There truly nothing like this that i have found in a single package. I’m so glad I signed up for this teaching and ongoing training. Thank you again for your heart and vision for the local church.

Marc Eidahl – New Life Church

We became a part of Church Marketing University a few month ago. Massive amounts of valuable information! It’s one of the most unique and best tools out there for Pastors to learn to engage the culture!

Jerry Webb – The Go Commission

As usual, this material is outstanding! By the way, one of my subscribers has had a 20% attendance increase since using Rethinking Easter and subsequently purchasing CMU.

Ben Fowlkes – Church of the Open Door

My Pastor recommended CMU as a way to learn in a position that was much needed at the time. I learned a life skill and walked away empowered and knowledgeable of best practices. CMU gives you the tools needed to grow and learn how to be the best Communications Director you can be.

Michael Conrad – Hillsview Community Church

I just want to say thanks for the tools. Our older smaller church needs a dose of all of this stuff.  I do a lot of caring for my people but not enough in the reaching out areas. Blessings to you and your staff.

Megan Farnsworth – The Naz

I’ve watched these and our marketing team loved them. We have purchased CMU and find it so valuable!! Thanks for sharing this information with church communities.

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